Ethical Complaints Against Marc Randazza

All of the statements below are ALLEGED, ACCUSATIONS, COMPLAINTS, ALLEGATIONS (not verified)

On March 4, 2020, Mr. Randazza filed a fraudulent creditor claim in bankruptcy proceedings against the personal estate of Mr. Juravin for the amount of $481,806.98 on behalf of Consumer Opinion Corp. and Opinion Corp. d/b/a, without a valid judgment or a good faith basis.

In true predacious and opportunistic manner, Mr. Randazza has filed yet another lawsuit on behalf of DCS Real Estate Investments, LLC. & The Club At Bella Collina, LLC., against Mr. Juravin in a forum where has no direct personal minimum contact.

In violation of Rule Florida Bar Rule 4- 4.4, Mr. Randazza has taken deliberate actions to conspire against Don Juravin by enlisting the help of Solomon and Cynthia Koroll to persecute Mr. Juravin. He has committed his resources to advertise against Don Juravin.

On October 20th, 2016 Marc Randazza maliciously entered into private privileged communication with Mr. Juravin and induced Mr. Juravin to share confidential and personal information regarding Mr. Juravin’s personal affairs, business strategies and tactics for litigation. Mr. Juravin paid two hundred and fifty ($250) for a thirty- minute conversation with Mr. Randazza.

Mr. Randazza has historically preferred to use the Internet, specifically social media to accomplish his goals of intimidation. As detailed below, Mr. Randazza’s actions range from making general crude remarks about Roca Labs on social media to “tweeting” specifically that Roca Labs’ attorneys are idiots.

Mr. Randazza through his unrelentless pursuit to bring about the demise of Mr. Juravin bribed his previous counsel Cynthia Koroll to provide confidential and privilege information communication From Mr. Juravin in exchange for free legal representation. This fraudulently obtained information was used against Mr. Juravin to his detriment.

On October 9th, 2015, Mr. Randazza threatened Ms. Koroll to induce her to offer false testimony against Mr. Juravin by sending her a draft of motion for sanctions. Additionally, he attempted to induce Mr. Juravin to sign false statements in exchange for dismissing the lawsuit against Roca Labs.