Attorney Marc Randazza uses Protective Orders, Civil Lawsuits and TRO's to Chill Speech, Suppress Speech, Violate First Amendment Rights and all at the same time as falsely advertising to be a Free Speech Advocate and First Amendment Rights, FOR ALL, attorney.

Las Vegas based Attorney Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group uses the courts as his private playground to bully those who dare to exercise their Free Speech rights and speak out about him, his "friends" and "associates", his law firm or his wife.

Marc Randazza does this while at the same time, PRETENDING, to advocate Free Speech for ALL.

Marc Randazza uses Protective Orders to get GAG ORDERS on those who exercise their First Amendment rights talking about him, or those who create a PARODY making fun of him. He does this while at the same time flat out lying that he is an advocate for the Free Speech rights of ALL.

Marc Randazza is certainly NOT for the First Amendment rights of Monica Foster / Alexandra Mayers NOR of me, Crystal Cox.

Marc Randazza used an unconstitutional preliminary TRO's (alleged "Temporary" Restraining Orders, to simply shut down massive blogs (speech) of mine and that "TEMPORARY" is nearing 3 years now. He flat out misused the courts to STEAL intellectual property, STEAL search engine ranking, and suppress speech. He did this claiming Trademark rights. Yet they were clearly blogs that were "Gripe Site" and "Sucks Sites" of which he has previously defended.

Marc Randazza not only STOLE my intellectual property, my search engine ranking, and violated my First Amendment rights but he used all my decades of work and proprietary knowledge against me pointing the servers illegally to a blog post on his blog and his buddies blogs lying about me, defaming me, falsely accusing me of criminal activity and ruining my real estate career, my quality of life, my online business and ALL because he did not APPROVE of the online "SPEECH" I was using in griping about him and his wife.

Marc Randazza files a protective order with the courts, files a civil suit then uses that to ATTACK his target. He is then an officer of the court and can pry into your private life as deep as he wants. He uses this power to harass your church, publicize your home address, get your bank and wire records, get your phone records, harass clients and customers, harass and bully ex's, constantly question you, have you followed and abuse the power of the courts to ruin your life, business and relationships.

Attorney Marc Randazza, who is allegedly connected to the mafia. Marc Randazza DOES protect the rights of pedophiles to write guides on pedophiles, does associate with and said to employ Sean Tompkins and Ari Bass (Michael Whiteacre) to bully, threaten, stalk, harass and put "real fear" into those who Marc Randazza does not like, Marc Randazza does talk about the death of his targets and he bullies, threatens, lies about, criminal defames his targets such as me and Alexandra Mayers. He does REAL STUFF to ruin lives, and yet he pretends he is the victim, scared of us and the courts, judges give him his way, give him an illegal and unethical protective order which he uses as a GAG ORDER and a way to suppress SPEECH and steal intellectual property.

Yet Attorney Marc Randazza claims to be afraid of a woman me, and another woman in a separate protective order, Monica Foster / Alexandra Mayers and this fear is so bad he gets a protective order against us when he is the one that is breaking the law, bullying us, intimidating us, violating our rights and abusing the courts to do it.

Attorney Marc Randazza abuses the power of the courts, is above the law and the question becomes why? Why do Las Vegas judges give Marc Randazza super powers in the courts to abuse, stalk, bully, steal intellectual property, intimidate, threaten and all with the power of a TRO / a Protective Order that he gets the minute he asks based on his "STATED" fear or his STATED Trademark Violation. This is CLEARLY against the law but Attorney Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group's victims have NO RIGHTS in a COURT OF LAW. Only Mr. Randazza has rights and these rights violate the constitution of the United States and violate the LAW. Oh well Attorney Marc Randazza controls your courts and DOES NOT ABIDE BY THE LAW. That Fact sure seems to be clear to me.

Las Vegas based Lawyer Marc Randazza falsely claims to be an advocate for Free Speech Rights for ALL and for the First Amendment Rights of ALL even pedophiles and even in the domain name YET he suppresses the speech of those he does not like or approve of and he uses the power of the courts to do it.

Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group claims to be a Trademark expert, he falsely advertises his expertise in this field, yet he FALSELY sued me, Crystal Cox, his former client claiming a Trademark violation against him, his wife, and his toddler. Randazza did this with willful and wanton intend to harass, bully, intimidate, cause harm and ruin the life of his target, in this case me, his former client Blogger Crystal Cox. Randazza either is NOT a Trademark Law expert or he is and he used that expertise to commit fraud on the court and sue a former client claiming a cause of action of Trademark Law of which he clearly had no legal rights.

Why? He did this in order to try and shut me up because I was exercising my free speech rights and First Amendment rights to have gripe sites against him, call his wife a slut and review his legal practice and law firm with sucks sites. Randazza STOLE those sites and blogs that were in the top 10 search for Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group and he used a protective order, a TRO to do it. No muss, No fuss; he says he is in fear and the courts simply give him his wish, it's MAGIC.

Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group claims to be an expert in intellectual property law yet he did not own his Trademark nor his wife, nor child and sued me claiming he had a Trademark. Marc Randazza did not even own his name as a dotcom yet FALSELY advertised that he is a Domain Name expert.