Corrupt Attorney Marc Randazza Represents Dwight Schar and Bella Collina’s Reputation

Marc Randazza is probably one of the most corrupt attorneys in America. Randazza is so corrupt that Avvo, a legal online registry, issued the lowest rating possible of 1 out of 10 and marked Randazza’s profile with a warning “Extreme Caution”. One can easily assume that the reviews are fake and intended to only cover up the endless Bar complaints against Randazza in all states where he sells his legal work. If that is not enough, it seems that even the UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE has suspended Marc Randazza.

“Marc J. Randazza (“Respondent”) is hereby suspended from the practice of trademark and other non-patent law before the United States Patent and Trademark Office”.

Avvo issued Marc Randazza the LOWEST RATING possible of 1 of 10 with Extreme Caution

Dwight Schar, Ryan Homes, Neo-Nazis, Alex Jones, Porn and Corrupt Attorney Randazza

Marc Randazza was fired by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones at InfoWars, but Dwight Schar (founder of NVR, Inc, Ryan homes and owner of Bella Collina in Florida) chose to represent him, his affair or interests.

But “rude” Randazza was so bad that even conspiracy theorist Alex Jones had to fire him. The InfoWars founder was told by a Connecticut judge that Randazza was “tainted.” The same judge accused Randazza of “serious misconduct.” In addition, Randazza lied while filing claims for Jones in the state of Connecticut, where he was not licensed to practice.

Connecticut Judge: Attorney Marc Randazza is too unethical to represent Alex Jones

HuffPost writes that “outrageous” Randazza is “curiously chummy” with fascists and racists. Randazza has also represented several Neo-Nazis in court, including Andrew Anglin, who published the address of a Jewish realtor on the Nazi website The Daily Stormer.

Dwight Schar and Bella Collina have chosen this particular attorney to represent them. Schar is now associated with an attorney who has major ethical violations attached to his name, who tries to strike at the racial divide in America.

Alex Jones needed an untainted Lawyer. That’s why he fired Marc Randazza this month.

ately, Marc Radazza was collaborating with attorney William Matthews from Shutts & Bowen law firm, attorney James Ryan, attorney David Landis from Mateer Harbert law firm, and appeared in front of judge Karen Jennemann to convince her that First Amendment right of social media can be sold off.

Randazza Is In Trouble In Nevada, Massachusetts, Arizona, Florida, California

In every state where Marc Randazza is practicing law he has been reprimanded, sued by the local Bar, suspended or placed on probation, and has multiple Bar complaints. The charges range from misconduct to bribery.

Marc John Randazza This lawyer was disciplined by a state licensing authority in 2020
Marc J Randazza

Dan Snyder and Attorney Joe Tacopina Accuse Marc Randazza

The owner of the Washington Football Team, Dan Snyder and Joe Tacopina, his attorney, have also accused Randazza of being associated with the websites that supposedly published defamatory statements about Snyder. NBC Sports writes that Tacopina and his team pointed fingers at Randazza’s association with Ari Bass, who runs the websites that published stories about Snyder. Now that Randazza is representing Dwight Schar, it seems that both Schar and Randazza are linked as Don Juravin can probably testify to.

Marc J Randazza

Some of these links below have been the source for this article and others are for you to read and decide. Marc Randazza never opposed them, responded to them or had the court take them down. Therefore they can be assumed to be valid. Read them all and decide for yourself.

As Randazza himself said: “Be very careful anytime you have somebody trying to stifle someone else’s free speech. When you hear speech that bothers you, you hear speech that repulses you, speech that disgust you, I I think your first instinct should be to protect that, and then fighting and then debate against it. But if your beliefs are so fragile that they can’t stand in opposition to something that you find abhorrent, then maybe you need to look at your own beliefs and modified them.”

Randazza will try to argue that he is not corrupt. By saying that Randazza is corrupt, no one is accusing him of a crime, necessarily. They are simply saying that he is a dishonest attorney with a very high number of bar complaints in every state that he practices law. Aside, this is the opinion of this writer and this article as well as probably many others in the legal community.