2 Corrupt Attorney Marc Randazza Florida Bar Bribery Accusations

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Conditional Guilty Plea Agreement of the Supreme Court of the State of Nevada, dated October 10, 2018, which imposed a 12 month suspension, stayed for 18 months subject to conditions. Copies of the Findings of Fact and the Order are attached hereto as Exhibits A and B, respectively.

4. The suspension was based on the following conduct:

A. In or about June 2009, respondent drafted and signed an agreement ("Legal Services Agreement") with Excelsior Media Corp.

("Excelsior") which provided, among other things, that respondent would become in-house general corporate counsel for Excelsior.

B. At the time of the signing of the Legal Services Agreement, Excelsior was located in California.

C. The Legal Services Agreement did not prohibit respondent from also maintaining a private legal practice to provide legal services to clients other than Excelsior.

D. Excelsior had a subsidiary or affiliate called Liberty Media Holdings, LLC (“Liberty”). Liberty is engaged in the business of production and distribution of pornography.

E. After entering into the Legal Services Agreement, respondent provided legal services to Excelsior and Liberty, although no separate agreement was entered into between Liberty and respondent.

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