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We found out that a major ethical violation Florida Bar complaint is being filed against Marc Randazza by Don Juravin.

Marc Randazza represents Dwight Schar, founder of NVR Inc. and owner of the problematic Bella Collina community which has been involved in about 500 lawsuits. Don Juravin is now carrying a legal fight against Bella Collina and its owner, Dwight Schar for intimidation, harassment, and others allegations.

From the 17 pages complaint:

Marc Randazza Grievous and Repeated Violations of Florida Bar Ethical Rules and Nevada State Bar Probation Violations.

Don Juravin files this Complaint against Marc Randazza based upon egregious misconduct under the ethical rules and personal persecution of Don Juravin under the guise of the law. His improper actions were not authorized or sanctioned by the law and are in direct violation of the Florida Bar Ethical Rules. “The commission by a lawyer of any act that is unlawful or contrary to honesty and justice, whether the act is committed in the course of the attorney’s relations as an attorney or otherwise may constitute cause for discipline.” (Florida Bar Rule 3-4.3)

1. Filing FALSE CLAIM in bankruptcy proceeding

2. Filing FALSE court documents


4. VIOLATION of Attorney-Client Privilege

5. Repeated and Continuous Violation of Duty of Professionalism


7. Marc Randazza to Offer FALSE TESTIMONY

8. Bar complaint of Attorney April Goodwin

The full Florida Bar complaint will be later available on the site

Additional Resources:

Some of these links below have been the source for this article and others are for you to read and decide. Marc Randazza never opposed them, responded to them or had the court take them down. Therefore they can be assumed to be valid. Read them all and decide for yourself.

As Randazza himself said: “Be very careful anytime you have somebody trying to stifle someone else’s free speech. When you hear speech that bothers you, you hear speech that repulses you, speech that disgust you, I I think your first instinct should be to protect that, and then fighting and then debate against it. But if your beliefs are so fragile that they can’t stand in opposition to something that you find abhorrent, then maybe you need to look at your own beliefs and modified them.”

Randazza will try to argue that he is not corrupt. By saying that Randazza is corrupt, no one is accusing him of a crime, necessarily. They are simply saying that he is a dishonest attorney with a very high number of bar complaints in every state that he practices law. Aside, this is the opinion of this writer and this article as well as probably many others in the legal community.

Disclaimer: This article is merely the opinion of the writer and not that of the publication or any other official authority. There are points to think about and you should be doing your homework based on any other facts you may choose including checking court records, other sites and interviewing Randazza himself for his comments.