Notice of Murder Threats The Florida Bar vs. Marc John Randazza Supreme Court

Filing # 101265126 E-Filed 01/07/2020 03:59:28 PM
The Honorable Dawn Caloca-Johnson
Judge,2nd Judicial Circuit of Florida
301 S. Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301 January 7, 2020

Re: Notice of Murder Threats
The Florida Bar vs. Marc John Randazza
Supreme Court Case No. SC19-188
The Florida Bar File No. 2015-00,718(2B)

Dear Judge Caloca-Johnson,
I understand that the matter involving the disbarment lawsuit against attorney Marc Randazza is presently before your court with a hearing coming shortly. As a result of grievances that I have filed, Randazza has been investigated and disciplined by the state bar authorities in Nevada, California, Arizona, and Massachusetts. And now the ball lies in your court, Judge Caloca-Johnson, to issue a disbarment order that will end Randazza’s sordid law practice that involves sexual perversion, blackmail, extortion, conflict of interest, double-dealing, perjury, and outright theft from innocent clients such as Excelsior Media Corp.
But in addition to the above criminal and ethical violations by Randazza, I have received threats of murder due to my role as a victim / witness in these many proceedings.

Notice of Murder Threats The Florida Bar vs. Marc John Randazza Supreme Court

Specifically, Jason Lee Van Dyke is a very close and personal friend of Marc Randazza. Van Dyke was recently arrested in Texas for the felony offenses of Retaliation Against A Witness and Obstruction of Justice by members of a joint FBI / domestic terrorism task force and local police after making threats of violence and murder against myself and my family due to my reports to the bar authorities. Van Dyke was formally an attorney licensed in Colorado, Georgia, Texas, and the District of Columbia, who has been suspended from practicing law and is facing disbarment trials in these states as the result of grievances I filed.

Randazza and Van Dyke are heavily involved in the white supremacist movement. Van Dyke is the leader of The Proud Boys, a white supremacist gang numbering 10,000+ people responsible for a series of violent racial and political attacks all across the country. Randazza is involved with the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer and Andrew Anglin and has been linked to numerous violent crimes. While I am sure Randazza will try to claim that one has nothing to do with the other, Randazza (along with Van Dyke) did recently sponsor Michigan attorney Kyle Bristow for membership in the U.S. Supreme Court Bar. Bristow is an avowed racist and is open about his Nazi beliefs and membership.

Notice of Murder Threats The Florida Bar vs. Marc John Randazza Supreme Court

Randazza was also involved in helping to organize the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, VA, that resulted in the murder of a young girl and dozens of injuries and a host of state and federal lawsuits.

Marc Randazza is not just a bad person; he is a bad lawyer. And not just “bad” in the way he advocates for his clients, but he is genuinely a terrible lawyer who is a fundamentally stupid person. He represents a San Jose revenge pornographer named James McGibney who tried to sexually blackmail my daughter by posting intimate pictures of her on his website and then demanded $499 to remove the photos and defamatory comments. I filed complaints with the Calif. Attorney General’s Office and the various webhosts and advertisers on this website, which got it shut down. Randazza and his client then turned around and filed simultaneous, yet separate lawsuits, in three different jurisdictions against me. The result of all of this SLAPP litigation was a December 30, 2015, judgment from the 67th District Court of Tarrant County, Texas, ordering McGibney to pay over $1.3 million in sanctions and attorney’s fees – a record in anti-SLAPP litigation in Texas!

Judge Caloca-Johnson, I would recall your attention to the testimony you heard at the previous hearing in this matter detailing Randazza’s over $600,000 theft from his clients and his efforts at escaping accountability by

Notice of Murder Threats The Florida Bar vs. Marc John Randazza Supreme Court

filing for bankruptcy and hiding assests. When you start up the hearing in this case again, I want you to know that literally the entire world is watching what you are doing here. News organizations have been reporting on your actions and the decisions you make will not only reflect upon the credibility of the legal profession as a whole, but the citizens of Florida and in your community.

I want you to know that I expect nothing less than the complete and permanent disbarment of Marc Randazza and I hold you responsible for seeing to it that justice is done here and in protecting all of us from crooks like him.

I thank you for your time and kind consideration.

Respectfully yours, __________________

Thomas Retzlaff
2402 E Esplanade Ln.
PO Box 46424 Phoenix,
AZ 85063-6424
(210) 317-9800

Notice of Murder Threats The Florida Bar vs. Marc John Randazza Supreme Court


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