15 Corrupt Attorney Marc Randazza Florida Bar Bribery Accusations

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1. Respondent shall be suspended for a term of twelve (12) months, with the suspension stayed; said suspension to begin on the date of the Nevada Supreme Court's Order approving the Plea;

2. Respondent will be placed on an eighteen (18) month term of probation, said probation to begin on the date of the Nevada Supreme Court's Order approving the Plea in this matter;

3. Respondent will "stay out of trouble" during his term of probation, meaning that he will have no new grievance arising out of conduct post-dating the date of the Plea which results in the imposition of actual discipline (a Letter ofReprimand or above ­ 11 SCR 102) against him during his term of probation;

4. Respondent will successfully complete twenty (20) hours of Continuing Legal Education ("CLE'') in addition to his normal CLE requirements during his term of probation. The twenty CLE hours will all be ethics credits, cannot be used as credit

5. Respondent will seek the advice and approval of an independent and unaffiliated ethics attorney in the relevant jurisdiction before obtaining any conflicts of 19 interest waivers during the probationary period;

6. Respondent will pay SCR 120(1) fees in the amount of$2,500.00, as well as the actual costs of the disciplinary proceeding. That amount is to be paid in full within thirty (30) days ofreceipt ofa billing from the State Bar;

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