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Marc Randazza is probably one of the most corrupt attorneys in America. Randazza is so corrupt that Avvo, a legal online registry, issued the lowest rating possible of 1 out of 10 and marked Randazza’s profile with a warning “Extreme Caution”.

Randazza was issued a public reprimand by The Florida Bar on Sept. 3, 2020 DISCIPLINE CASE #201500718 against Marc Randazza. The reprimand was related to his ethical violations in Nevada, where Randazza, as a porn attorney, was sued by the State Bar of Nevada on nine charges of violations.

With so many accusations of bribery, misconduct, and ethical violations, how come Bar President Eric Dobberstein and the State Bar of Nevada still allow “tainted” Marc Randazza to practice law?

Marc Randazza, the “tainted” attorney who had to be fired by InfoWars’ Alex Jones, represents NVR Inc., founder, and NFL Washington Football Team minority owner Dwight Schar.

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The way attorney Marc Randazza tells it, his relationship with Jason Gibson started breaking down in the spring of 2012. Gibson, the CEO of gay porn studio Liberty Media, had hired Randazza as general counsel three years earlier. The two became the closest of friends; their families socialized together, and Randazza's kids even called Gibson "uncle."