4 Corrupt Attorney Marc Randazza Florida Bar Bribery Accusations

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M. An essential part of the Settlement Letter was that Oron would pay Liberty the sum of $550,000.00 with said sum payable to respondent’s Attorney Trust Account.

N. A dispute arose after the Settlement Letter was signed.

O. On behalf of Liberty, respondent filed a Motion to Enforce Settlement.

P. By Order date August 7, 2012, the United States District Court found that the Settlement Letter constituted an enforceable contract as there was a "meeting of the minds as to all material terms on July 5, 2012.” A Judgment was entered in favor of Liberty as judgment creditor and against Oron as Judgment Debtor for $550,000.00.

Q. By Order dated August 21, 2012, the United States District Court ordered Pay Pal, Inc., to transfer funds belonging to Oron to satisfy the Judgment by paying $550,000.00 to the trust account of Randazza Legal Group.

R. In mid to late August 2012, a settlement payment in relation to the Oron litigation of approximately $550,000.00 was sent to respondent's out-of-state trust account. A full and proper accounting of those funds has occurred with Liberty receiving its appropriate share.

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