22 Corrupt Attorney Marc Randazza Florida Bar Bribery Accusations

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released, Respondent did not receive a $75,000 payment, and Respondent did not become counsel for Oron which might have conflicted him off from opposing Oron in future litigation.

19. In response to the District Court's Order dated August 21, 2012, PayPal transferred $550,000 of Oron's funds to pay the $550,000 Settlement Amount and Judgment in favor of Liberty. A full and proper accounting of those funds has occurred with Liberty receiving its appropriate share.

20. During August of 2012, Respondent and Jason Gibson also discussed pursuing further litigation on behalf of Liberty against Oran and/or its affiliates or related parties in overseas jurisdictions. Respondent estimated additional litigation costs and expenses (not to include attorney's fees) in an amount approximating $50,000. Mr. Gibson informed Respondent that Liberty was prepared to advance $25,000 for additional costs and expenses if Respondent would advance the other half. Respondent informed Mr. Gibson that he would personally advance the additional required $25,000. To memorialize the $25,000 as an advancement of costs and expenses, Respondent requested Liberty execute a promissory note to that effect.

21. On or about August 21, 2012, pursuant to Respondent's advancement to Liberty of the $25,000, Mr. Gibson signed a promissory note on Liberty's behalf noting the terms of repayment.

22. Respondent did not advise Liberty, in writing, of its right to seek the advice of independent counsel with regards to the promissory note.

23. Respondent's employment by Excelsior ceased on or about August 29, 2012 after he indicated a likely need to withdraw from representing Liberty. Respondent and Excelsior dispute whether Respondent resigned or was terminated by Excelsior.

24. RPC 5.6 reads, in part, that "[a] lawyer shall not participate in offering or making ... [a]n agreement in which a restriction on the lawyer's right to practice is part of the settlement of a client controversy." As part of the negotiations culminating in the drafting of the proposed

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