UPDATE: Dwight Schar and Bella Collina choose corrupt attorney Marc Randazza for In a letter sent to take down pieces written about Bella Collina and Ryan Homes, owner and founder Dwight Schar, attorney Marc Randazza, and Bella Collina legal representation for the trio tried to argue that they were not “corrupt.”

_Dan Snyder, Don Juravin and Richard Arrighi EXPOSE Dwight Schar and his porn corrupt attonrey Marc Randazza

Unethical, Borderline Corrupt, Legal Demand Letters By Marc Randazza For Dwight Schar

The letter listed a number of claims which were falsely attributed or taken out of context when it came to pieces published. However, the problem with the letter is that Dwight Schar is a public figure, by means of his wealth, his position as the former Republican National Committee finance chairman, his position as a minority owner in the NFL Washington Football Team, his status as a former billionaire recognized by Forbes magazine, and his position in the American media. The American media does not need permission to publish details about Dwight Schar. The images provided in the articles are from public domain. Marc Randazza is also a public figure, through his position as a news commentator on news channels and his public status as a defending attorney for several other public figures.

Richard Arrighi, another partner of Dwight Schar, accuses Dwight Schar of questionable business practices in an upcoming lawsuit. Richard Arrighi is a partner of Dwight Schar who wants out of the deal only to find out that Dwight Schar is doing to him what Dan Snyder is doing to Dwight Schar.

According to Richard Arrighi, Dwight Schar allegedly conditioned buying Richard Arrighi out if he would falsify an affidavit against Don Juravin. Richard Arrighi refused to comply with the alleged unethical request of Dwight Schar, or his team, and ended up having to sue Dwight Schar even though millions of dollars were on the line.

Below is a list of claims made by Randazza, Schar, and Bella Collina through their legal representation, and counter arguments to these statements:

“The true position is that our clients are not corrupt or running a scam.”

The Merriam Webster definition of corrupt is “dishonest or illegal behavior.” By saying that Randazza is corrupt, no one is accusing him of a crime, necessarily. They are simply saying that he is dishonest.

The State Bar of Nevada charged Randazza for violating Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct on nine counts. He broke the rules in regards to:

  • Communication,

  • Conflict of Interest: Current Clients,

  • Conflict of Interest: Current Clients: Specific Rules,

  • Imputation of Conflicts of Interest,

  • Safekeeping Property,

  • Declining or Terminating Representation, Advisor,

  • Restrictions on Right to Practice,

  • Misconduct.

Dwight Schar has been accused by multiple people of unsavory business tactics. One of his companies, Ryan Homes, was investigated by USA Today and sent a letter from Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH). The senator pleaded with Ryan Homes to stop some of its practices that were harming consumers.

None of the pieces say that either Dwight Schar or Marc Randazza are guilty, or allege that these things actually happened. They simply point out other publications that detail stories about them.

“They (Dwight Schar, Randall Greene, Paul Simonson) are not engaged in fraud or embezzlement.”

Nowhere in the pieces are accusations of fraud or embezzlement. Rather, there is a mention of a 2017 class action lawsuit brought against Bella Collina, Randall Greene, Paul Simonson, and Dwight Schar. This class action was brought against these five entities by Attorney Tim McCullough, mentioned later in the legal letter as having nothing to do with Bella Collina. It was dismissed, not on the merit of the case, but on a technicality, because the class action was not properly presented.

The class action lawsuit outlined the deeds done by Bella Collina and its owners: racketeering, embezzling, and conspiracy. That lawsuit claimed, “The Defendants illegally usurped control of the POA. The POA, without member authorization, then filed 400 fraudulent lawsuits for the collection of invalid special assessments, which coerced lot owners to surrender their lots.”

Residents testified about audacities done in Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina. One family had to have their children leave the neighborhood in order to get picked up by the bus. The children had to walk across a major interstate highway in order to get to school.

“There is no conspiracy, manipulation, or dishonesty by our clients. (Dwight Schar and Marc Randazza)”

Again, nowhere in the documents listed is an accusation of conspiracy. Dwight Schar and Marc Randazza have been accused by multiple people, not just Don Juravin, of manipulation and dishonesty. Randazza has been disciplined by five state bars due to his dishonesty. These words are not untrue.

“They (Dwight Schar, Paul Simonson, Randall Greene, Bella Collina) do not harass, intimidate, bully, threaten or intimidate residents.”

After experiencing 9 months at Bella Collina, Mr. Juravin had enough of the promises that were not kept and the false advertising. The family had to pay extra to get their trash picked up every week, or they had to pay a fine for not disposing of their trash. It seemed most people in the neighborhood (what few lived there) also left their trash to be picked up, erroneously believing there was a service for that. There was not.

After nine months of dealing with the restrictive policies set by the HOA, Mr. Juravin posted a review on Google reprimanding Bella Collina and its owner, Dwight Schar, for the problem with the trash. Before that, he had spoken to the property manager several times about seeing if the county could add Bella Collina to its trash pick ups.

After that review was posted, everything went downhill from there. The staff sent letters through Bella Collina’s extensive legal team, funded by Dwight Schar’s billions, threatening to sue Mr. Juravin unless he took down his bad review.

“Our clients have not defrauded the State and do not engage in unlawful activities or dubious business practices.”

Nowhere in the extensive body of work referenced is there an allegation of defrauding the state. As far as the unlawful activities, that has yet to be proven in the U.S. courts. Furthermore, the dubious business practices have been called out by U.S. Senators, five state bars, and a media outlet.

“The Complex Operator is a successful business and our clients do not permit, condone or ignore defective building works.”

Successful is a subjective term. If the clients aforementioned feel that their business, with less than 10 percent occupancy according to Don Juravin, then that is their opinion. But to many people, empty houses and dirty streets are not hallmarks of success.

“They would never engage in criminal damage or violence.”

When the Juravins went on vacation, they had to alert the community’s security that they would be gone for two weeks. Immediately, the Bella Collina staff called the county sheriff’s animal control department and reported that the Juravins’ two cats were being abused. Dwight Schar’s employee, Randall Greene sent Mr. Juravin another text message, this time saying, “Sheriff’s office animal control unit should have been in touch with you as they were called on my instructions. Please do try to enjoy your vacation.” The Juravins were able to clear this up, and the county police department noted that the two cats were in good health and were well cared for.

In the past two years, the Juravins have reported multiple incidents happening on their property, in Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina. Their cars have been viciously keyed. Their backyard furniture has been broken. Their pool lines have been cut. Strange cars have driven by slowly and stared at their three daughters playing in the yard. They have been contacted again and again by random unlisted numbers, often who mock Mr. Juravin’s accent or call him names.

The family was banned from the community’s country club, and labelled as “dangerous.” Despite the ban from the amenities, the Juravins were still forced to pay for these amenities, at the rate of $5,000 a year. The daughters’ school held a graduation party at Dwight Schar’s Club, where the daughters were not allowed to attend. One was 8 years old, the other was 11. Even children cannot receive mercy from the wealthy Mr. Schar.

A text to Mr. Juravin from Mr. Greene reads, “P.S. we have been reading your fake reviews with great interest and will be responding to you very shortly.”

When Mr. Juravin was forced to declare bankruptcy, the staff from Bella Collina came to his bankruptcy hearings and asked questions. The Juravins were sued for dead trees on their property by Bella Collina’s HOA while they were in the process of taking these trees down. In retaliation for the bad reviews, Bella Collina seems intent on driving the Juravins out of the community.

“Mr. Schar is neither manipulative nor does he condone unethical or unlawful practices by his employees.”

Mr. Schar is the owner of Bella Collina, the head of DCS Capital Investments, and the person who is responsible for paying all of the employees at both these places. Some of the actions were done with his knowledge. When the Juravins complained, multiple times, publicly, when the family sent extensive letters listing their grievances, Mr. Schar was informed of their unethical behavior. He continued to do nothing in response.

Mr. Randazza is not a fascist, racist, homophobic, or a pedophile.

Nowhere in the extensive body of work is Mr. Randazza referred to as a fascist, racist, homophobic, or a pedophile. However, he is by his profession an associate and a defender of fascists and racists. And his writings have given defenses for the legalization of child pornography.

The true position is that Mr. Arrighi and Mr. McCullough have no connection to Bella Collina and the Publications intend to create a false connection to our clients.

Tim McCullough has a connection to Bella Collina, as stated above.

Brad Heckenberg, along with his wife, Lana, wanted to build an addition to their home. They submitted a request to the POA to get permission granted, in keeping with the rules of Bella Collina.

Heckenberg and his wife were told to use Phoenix Homes, a business partially owned by Richard Arrighi, to build their addition, When the Heckenbergs refused, they were denied their request from the POA. Phoenix quoted the Heckenbergs an estimate that was too high for the family, so they could not have afforded the addition if it had been approved.

A former employee of Dwight Schar, Richard Arrighi was accused, tried, and convicted of fraud and embezzlement in 2001, in the state of Massachusetts. Local newspapers called the heist Arrighi was involved in “the worst case of public corruption in state history.”

Richard Arrighi was a friend of the state’s former Treasurer Joseph Malone. Between the years of 1992 and 1999, he was the mastermind of several heists that gave him and six others a grand total of $9.4 million. Prosecutors of the case found that he “showed no remorse” for his crimes. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in jail. After his release, he was disbarred. A 2005 article from Boston Magazine describes his story. Arrighi was quoted as saying, “Everything will be okay if no one talks.”

He then moved to Florida to start over again. In 2012, a Bella Collina document was signed by Arrighi, who was bearing the title of “President of Bella Collina Property Owners Association.”

A press release from 2016 describes Arrighi as “known for his work at Disney World in Orlando.” The same release calls him “28 years old.”

In retaliation, the Heckenbergs’ gate transponders were deactivated. Like the Juravins, they were also denied access to the Club, but they were still required to pay the membership fees.

“In relation to Mr. Schar’s son, the true story is that he has never been investigated, charged or convicted of assaulting two women. The allegation is false and highly defamatory.”

Spencer Schar is the son of Dwight Schar. Spencer Schar was accused of assaulting 3 students, two of whom were female, in October of 2017.

A local news report described the attack: A local news report described the attack: “When one student, Sallie Collamore, encouraged Schar to leave the party and return home, he physically assaulted her. Spencer Schar allegedly grabbed her by the throat, pushed her against the side of the house and punched her in the face.”

The report continued: “…… Schar grew increasingly frustrated. Refusing to leave, he punched McHuthison in the face and allegedly kicked her in the side. He then punched Joslin in the face. Police verify this was the account they were told as well.”