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Marc Randazza, the well-known First Amendment and Intellectual property attorney has been accused, after that, disciplined, reprimanded and set on probation for disrespecting, breaking or violating law ethics. Randazza is known for continuously double-crossing his clients with their competitors, therefore soliciting illicit or illegal payoffs, trading lies on both sides, bribing, with having one and only idea of making money by disrespecting and humiliating his clients.

Marc Randazza has been representing multiple controversial far-right public figures, being controversial himself, he was, all the time crossing the other side of the law. In fact, his ethical problems were on a display, since he began his legal career.

As stated before, Marc was representing controversial public figures such as: Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist, Mike Cernovich, the Pizzagate peddler, also a close friend of Randazza and his business partner, and Chuck Johnson, the Holocaust-denying slanderer.

He was also representing Andrew Anglin, the American far-right neoNazi, white supremacist and Holocaust denial editor of “The Daily Stormer” . Randazza has defended Anglin in a lawsuit filed by a Jewish realtor in Whitefish, Montana, whom Anglin had published the name and address of on his neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer. Randazza had argued that Anglin was not responsible for the subsequent harassment and death threats the woman received, as the personal information was protected as free speech. This claim was rejected by U.S. District Court Judge Dana L. Christensen, who noted that Anglin was actively encouraging and participating in the plaintiff's harassment, and that calls to violence against a private individual are not protected speech. It is a common thing for Marc Randazza to argue and share false statements at the court in order to defend his clients.

Randazza’s ethical problems are the first thing showing off since the start of his legal career as a copyright enforcer for pornographers. He started his job at Excelsior/Liberty in 2009. In a couple of months, he was secretly lawyering for Excelsior/Liberty competitors such as Bang Bros, and Titan Media. High level of conflict of interest! Marc also worked for companies who were accused of infringing the Excelsior/Liberty copyrights. His cunning way of lawyering came to the fore when Excelsior/Liberty wanted Randazza to sue XVideos for infringement, where XVideos being the company Randazza was working for behind the scenes. Randazza started billing XVideos every month, a fact he concealed from Excelsior/Liberty while dissuading his employer from pursuing a litigation. For the exact period, Marc billed XVideos for more than $44,000. Randazza made misrepresentations about his job role at Excelsior/Liberty where in the court files he concealed his salary and blamed the company for incurring his fees, therefore his actions for recouping more money from litigation targets were approved or according to his saying, were allowed.

In 2012, the employer at Excelsior/Liberty and Randazza’s boss caught him, trying to sneak a bribe into a settlement agreement. The

relationship immediately ended, where Randazza filed a false “discrimination” claim, alleging that he has been sexually harassed being a straight man working in a gay porn company. Suing the Excelsior/Liberty, he initiated an arbitration dispute. On the other side, Excelsior/Liberty filed bar complaints against Randazza everywhere he was practicing law. Shortly, in 2013, Marc Randazza lied to the bar associations in Nevada and Florida that he wasn’t representing XVideos at all. The Nevada Bar declined to investigate any of Excelsior/Liberty’s other allegations. The bar complaints in other jurisdictions were subsequently closed.

Anyway, the arbitration forced Marc Randazza to produce financial reports and to admit, under oath that he’d been working for XVideos all the time, representing Excelsior/Liberty on the other side, therefore admitting the unethical work. In 2015, the arbitrator ruled against Randazza on numerous points and determined that the attorney had solicited a $75,000 bribe from Oron. Randazza filed for bankruptcy to avoid paying damages to Excelsior/Liberty. His former employer lodged another round of bar complaints based on the arbitrator ’s decision and voluminous evidence from the arbitration.

At the end of 2016, the Nevada Bar filed an amended complaint against Randazza seeking to discipline him for misconduct. Randazza negotiated a conditional guilty plea that let him off the hook for most of the alleged violations. The Nevada Bar accepted his plea last year and recommended a light punishment, which the Nevada Supreme Court approved in October 2018.

The Nevada discipline has now prompted “reciprocal” disciplinary proceedings in the other jurisdictions that license Randazza. Those bar associations will decide whether to impose similar discipline for Randazza’s admitted ethical violations or to increase or reduce his punishment.

That is why Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist and former client of Marc Randazza, needed an untainted lawyer. He fired Marc Randazza after having a brief professional relationship with him. Alex Jones falsely claimed that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, therefore he hired

Randazza after being sued in Connecticut Superior Court by six families whose children were killed back in the 2012 school shooting and by an FBI agent who responded to the scene.

Randazza was then a regular guest on Jones’ conspiracy show Inforwasr. He came with a baggage of course.

Randazza filed a pro hac vice application to be added to the Sandy Hook case as an out-of-state lawyer. Usually judges just routinely sign off on these applications, but in this case it was different. The Connecticut judge rejected Randazza’s application, citing “serious misconduct”.

“Permission to appear pro hac vice is a privilege, not a right,” the judge wrote, ending Randazza’s aspirations to take the stage in one of the highest-profile First Amendment cases in the country.

The judge’s rejection was a serious and humiliating setback for Randazza. He is well known for promoting himself as one of the top free speech attorneys in the US. His client then, Jones declared that he had no option, given the rejection of Randazza’s pro hac vice application, but to “choose new counsel untainted by the claims of misconduct.”

So, Marc Randazza, one of the top free speech attorneys in the states, couldn’t even represent Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist. Well, nothing is too odd about Randazza. Also about his misconduct. It is in his nature or character to have such a style of working. As said before, he has been having ethical problems since the start of his legal career, being a copyright enforcer for pornographic companies.

Starting a job as in-house counsel for a group of porn companies known as Excelsior/Liberty (as said before), he quickly got himself working for their competitors, selling out his employer for side money. After getting caught, Marc Randazza waged law fare against his former employer Excelsior/Liberty for years. This dispute exposed him as an unscrupulous person with only one idea in his mind, money. In 2015, he lost decisively in arbitration, then declared bankruptcy to avoid paying

$600,000 in damages.

Marc Randazza quickly reinvented himself as an attorney for racists, fascists, rape advocates, propagandists and extremists, and lately he became an attorney for the controversial and notorious luxury gated community in Orlando, Florida, Bella Collina. Bella Collina’s management has been accused and sued by homeowners for racketeering, intimidation, threatening and notorious tactics. Randazza became their lawyer representing and protecting their interests.

Marc Randazza has a background of representing controversial and notorious public figures. Being a controversial and cunning attorney, Randazza got himself on the other side of the law. The law and its principles where he sworn on admission to obey, represent and practice it with integrity and civility. In truth, Randazza represented himself as a corrupted, insidious, controversial and brazen attorney. His working behavior and character resulted in discipline, reprimanding and so far sent on probation by the State Bars, signaling that Randazza is a problematic lawyer.